Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Directions for Learning the Camp Dance

  •  Go to usa.varsity.com
  • Click on the VIP tab
  • Login using my email and password
o   Email: wendi.nelson@nebo.edu
o   Password: spanishfork

  • Click on the CAMP DANCE tab
  •  Watch videos to learn the dance
  •  Varsity members need to learn the following parts (in the first section of the dance)
o   Front right: McKell W.
o   Front left: Maddie W.
o   Front Center: Kristen Y.
o   Back right: Allie
o   Back left: Harley

o   Front right: Courtney C.
o   Front left: Kourtney B.
o   Front center: Makayla O.
o   Back right: Sally H.
o   Back left: Alexa S. 

Camp Packing List

Camp Packing List