Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer 2013: Dates & Events

Hi, girls!  Hope you're enjoying the first days of your summer vacation.  We're excited to start summer practices and look forward to the events and fun things we have planned for the next few months! 

Beginning June 3rd specific practice dates will not be listed because practice will be held every day with the exception of our break after the rodeo (see dates below). Please remember you get two days off summer practice (in addition to this week and the week after the rodeo).  However, these days MUST be approved through Wendi in advance and are not allowed to be taken during Fiesta Days Week or Rodeo Cleanup.  If you miss more than the two additional days you will sit out the first two weeks of school activities, which must include at least one home football game (this usually includes Sophomore orientation, red/gray football game, Back to School assembly, etc).   For those of you that have already cleared your vacation days through Wendi, please don't forget to remind her before you leave.

Here are a few dates to put on your calendars (this is not all inclusive and will be updated as necessary):

June 3rd:  Summer practices begin!  7 a.m. in the dance room
June 3rd - 17th:  Calendar Fundraiser - more info to come
June 5th: Parents meeting 7pm, Wendi's classroom
June 22, 29 or July 6th:  Garage Sale Fundraiser (June 29th is our first pick if the City Office is available for our use).
July 10th - 12th: CHEER CAMP at USU
July 15th - 18th:  Rodeo Prep
July 19th - 25th:  FIESTA DAYS! Rodeo & Rodeo Clean-up -- Mandatory!  No exceptions! 
July 26th - August 3rd:  VACATION WEEK!  No practice!
August 12th - 16th:  Possible dates for Kiddie Camp Fundraiser.  TBD
August 15th:  Sophomore Orientation 7pm
August 23rd:  Football vs. Westlake
August 30th: Football @ Timpanogos

If you have any questions please talk to Wendi or Meagan.