Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 Squads

2013 Squads:
squads will be re-evaluated before basketball season.  Cheerleaders who move up for football may or may not move up for basketball.

Varsity (in no particular order):
Jenae Holt
Ashlin Hansen
Irelyn Peterson
Kaylie Gren
Randi Beckstrom
Lexi Seitz
Tilee Brenneman
Jen Clark
Paizlee Dansie
McKell Wood
Kristen Young
JV (in no particular order):
Madison Wilson
Shelby Shepherd
Allie Lemon
Katelyn Higginson
Courtney Child
Maddy Bingham
Sally Hansen
Makayla Olson
Alexa Slaymaker
Kourtney Beus
Sophomore (in no particular order):
Sydney Groo
Kilie Taylor
Maran Wilson
Shay Anderson
Jacee Holt
Mckell Nielsen
Lauren Mockett
Shandi Corbin

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cheer Clinic Kiddie Camp Forms

Below are the forms for the Kiddie Camp Fundraiser.  We will go over all the details at practice on Monday, but for those of you that would like a head start on getting girls signed up, here is the information.  If you have questions please text (or call) me or Wendi!

The camp is $25 per participant.  We say the camp is for kids age 4+, but really, if they have younger kids that is fine, too.

It starts on Tuesday, August 13th at 9:30am in the main gym.  Wednesday and Thursday morning the camp will also be held at 9:30am.  But on Friday, August 16th, there will be no morning camp because they will be performing at the Red vs. Gray football game that evening.

You get $20 from each girls that registers with you ($5 covers the t-shirt and poms, and you get the rest).  This can be a successful fundraiser for many of you.  But, in order for you to get credit, your name must be at the top of the registration waiver that they turn in when they pay.  I recommend you write your name on every paper you print on the "referred by" line at the top  (if you rely on them to write your name down I can almost guarantee they won't). 

Be sure to leave a copy of the Information sheet with them after they register.  They'll need something to reference for dates, times and location information.  

There are 3 ways they can register:
1.  They can send the registration forms & money with you (please do NOT lose their forms or money!).  You'll turn them in to us at practice.
2. They can mail or walk-in their money and forms to the finance office
3.  They can sign-up and pay the first morning of the clinic in the main gym.

Please make sure you read all the information on BOTH forms before contacting anyone.  You need to be well informed and able to answer their questions.  

Again, this can be a really good fundraiser.  It's a lot of fun and the little girls love it.  But don't wait until the last minute. 

Please see the links to print copies of each form.
Cheer Clinic Registration Form This is the form that needs to be returned to us with their money.  Make sure your name is listed in the "referred by" field at the top so you get credit for everyone that you sign up.
Cheer Clinic Information  This is the form that needs to be left with everyone that signs up.  It has all the information, including dates, time, location and additional information.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rodeo Equipment Assignments

Please bring the following items with you to practice on Thursday, the 18th.  We will deliver the items to the concessions booth when we clean it that morning (immediately after practice).

Pop-up tent: 
1. Irelyn

Roaster Ovens:
1. Jen
2. Lexi

Buffet Tables:
1.  Randi x 3
2.  Paizlee x 2
3.  Sally x 1

Extension Cords (heavy duty, 3-prong):
1. Maran
2. Shandi
3. Courtney C.
4. McKell N.
5. Lauren
6. McKell W.
7.  Shay
8.  Alexa

Power Strips (heavy duty, to fit 3-prong plugs):
1. Kourtney B.
2. Allie
3. Ashlin
4. Lexi
5. McKell

Money Boxes:
1. Shandi
2. McKell W.
3. Irelyn (is going to double check)

Folding Chairs:
1. McKell Nielsen x 4

Large, Jelly-Roll Pans:
1. Shandi x 2
2. Kristen x 1
3. Sydney x 2
4. Maddie x 2

Tongs (not the scissor kind, but the alligator-mouth style):
1. Kilie
2. Courtney C.
3. Maddie
4. McKell W.

Large Spatulas (heavy duty, metal, for grill):
1. McKell W.
2. Paizlee
3. Makayla

Large, family size cooler:
1. Kourtney B.
2. Ashlin
3. Irelyn
4. Maran
5. Maddie

Push brooms:

Generator for parade (don't bring it on Thursday... bring it to the parade):
1. Paizlee

Talk with Rocky about donating water:
1. Randi

Arrange to borrow crates from gas station:
1. Ashlin

Arrange to borrow troughs for drinks from Cal Ranch:
1. Tilee

Macey's & Dollar Store run tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th:
1. Lexi

Pick-up Cotton Candy Machines (Saturday morning, the 20th):
1. Irelyn, Randi & Paizlee

Return Cotton Candy Machines (Thursday morning, the 25th)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Garage Sale Totals

Here are the garage sale totals for 2013.  You all did a great job!

Shay  $64.05
Randi  $4.00
Kourtney  $24.50
Madelyn  $92.85
Tilee  $129.00
Courtney  $39.85
Jen  $2.75
Shandi  $310.85
Paizlee  $110.25
Kaylie  $155.00
Sydney  $405.25
Ashlin  $33.00
Allie  $316.20
Lauren  $25.45
McKell N.   $213.25
Makayla  $586.80
Irelyn  $139.00
Shelby  $215.15
Alexa  $170.50
Kilie  $25.00
Maddie  $163.50
Maran  $219.60
McKell W.  $69.00
Kristen  $5.00

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camp Dance

Front View

Back View

Cheerleader Names

Jenae Holt
Ashlin Hansen
Irelyn Peterson
Kaylie Gren
Randi Beckstrom
Lexi Seitz
Tilee Brenneman
Jen Clark
Paizlee Dansie
Madison Wilson
McKell Wood
Kristen Young
Shelby Shepherd
Allie Lemon
Katelyn Higginson
Courtney Child
Maddy Bingham
Sally Hansen
Makayla Olson
Sydney Groo
Kilie Taylor
Alexa Slaymaker
Maran Wilson
Shay Anderson
Jacee Holt
Mckell Nielsen
Lauren Mockett
Kourtney Beus
Shandi Corbin

**don't feel like you need to do name tags for us, but if you do, here is the spelling:

Wendi Nelson 
Meagan Nelson

Uniform Washing Instructions

Uniform Washing Instructions

Cheer Camp

Camp packing list

The following forms need to be filled out and returned to Wendi by Tuesday, July, 9th.

Camp Transportation Waiver

Camp Medical Waiver

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Treats Fundraiser Totals

Sweet Treats fundraiser totals

Calendar Assignments

Here is the list as of 12:15 today (Wednesday the 5th).  Let me know if you want more businesses and I'll assign some to you.  If you think of more on your own, double check with me before visiting them in case someone else has already requested them.

Alexa Steve Reagan
Alexa Western States Insurance
Alexa Esprit De Corps
Alexa The Steel Guy
Alexa Red Rock Ortho
Allie Thomas Orthodontics
Allie Aspen Dermatology
Allie Jorgensen Cabinets
Allie SFCN
Allie Brockbank Dental
Allie 56 west boutique and salon
Allie boothe brothers
Ashlin Rocket Rebellion
Ashlin Jamies Doggie Divas
Ashlin Childs
Ashlin Fast Gas (SF - top of Center St.)
Ashlin Fast Gas (Salem)
Ashlin Coldstone
Ashlin Combos/Fast Gas
Ashlin Two Jacks
Courtney MVP
Courtney All Tune Automotive
Courtney JR Repair Service
Courtney Just Your Style
Courtney RDJ Embroidery & Gifts
Courtney High Altitude
Courtney Journey's Provo Mall
Courtney Mountain Land Dentistry
Courtney Provo Land & Title
Courtney Esteem Auto
Courtney Advanced Eye Care
Courtney Super Cuts
Irelyn R&TJ's Trucking
Irelyn *Color Fest
Irelyn Nebo credit Union (Springville one too)
Irelyn Steps
Irelyn Farmers Insurance - Randy Tuckett
Irleyn Dr. Barrows Orthodontics
Irleyn Do it right roofing
Jacee Penrod's Car Wash
Jacee Skiba Auto
Jacee Guild Mortgage
Jacee Quick Check
Jacee Sweet Briar Cove
Jacee Main Street Floral
Jacee East Mountain Dentistry
Jen C. Big O Tires
Jen C. The Car Guys
Jen C. Heritage Memorial
Jen C. In & Out Emissions (BVS LLC. On check)
Jen C. stone drug
Jen C. Dan's Dash in (Chevron on SF main)
Jen C.  K&K Auto
Jen C.  Dependable Doors
Jen C.  Beehive Health Essentials
Jen C.  Bella Ella
Jen C.  Legends
Jen C.  Costco
Jenae Outer Beauty
Jenae LEI Consulting
Jenae Security Insurance
Jenae North Star Printing
Jenae Utah Surgical Arts
Jenae H & H Steel Fabrication
Jenae State Farm - Lance Wilson
Jenae Allstate Insurance - Jay Crowther
Jenae Gandolfos (SF)
Katelyn Aaron D. Cloward D.M.D
Katelyn Gracie Lou's
Katelyn Devotion Dance Academy
Urban Retreat
Smith Ford Auto
Kaylie Big Bones BBQ
Kaylie Barber Brothers
Kaylie Duvall Landscaping
Kaylie Shepherds Eggs
Kilee IMS Masonry
Kilee Black Ice Coating
Kilee Mirage Landscape
Kilee Central Bank
Kilee Salem Hills Pharmacy
Kilee Renissance Hair academy
Kourtney B. Hide Away Salon
Kourtney B.  Spanish Oaks
Kourtney B.  Leland Mill
Kourtney B.  Contagious Boutique
Kourtney B.  Bio Shield
Kristen Veronica Michaels
Kristen Redd's Ting
Kristen Heart N Soul Dance
Kristen Anytime Fitness
Kristen Golden Tan
Kristen Oil Change
Kristen Rhedds Tint
Lauren Glade's
Lauren Zions Bank
Lauren Rich Trimble - Nebo Gym
Lauren Sierra Dental (Briggs)
Lauren Valvoline Express Care
Lexi Cabinet Masters
Lexi Down Town Salon
Lexi Capital Community Bank
Lexi Peaks Physical Therapy
Lexi K&J construction
Lexi Macey's
Lexi Susan's Hair
Lexi Taco Time
Lexi Rogers Dentistry
Maddie Olson's Greenhouse
Maddie Davis Classic Detail
Maddie Shepard's Carpet
Maddie Clegg Auto Service
Maddie Gillies Lawn Pros
Maddie Wolf Mountain
Maddie Dr. Lundell Mt. Springs Medical Clinic
Maddie Cascade Dental 
Maddie State Farm -Smiley Insurance
Maddie Lisa Andersson
Madelyn Esplin eye center
Madelyn Atwood Dentistry
Madelyn Lion Gate
Madelyn ATC Plumbing
Madelyn Bubble hut laundromat
Madelyn Cary's floral
Madelyn Deseret Credit Union
Makayla Coke
Makayla Hickory Kist
Makayla Baum Plumbing
Makayla Casa Salsa
Makayla About Time
Makayla Blane Evans Trucking
Makayla Courtney's Zumba
Makayla Reams
Makayla Rocky Mountain Large Animal Clinic
Makayla billie Jo
Makayla Spanish 8 Theater
Makayla Big 5
Makayla  Blaine Evans Trucking
Makayla  Interwest Machanical 
Maran Springville Family Eye Center
Maran Shanto Insurance
Maran Trapnell Ortho
Maran Anderson Thomas Attorneys
Maran Airtime
Maran Pro Title
Maran Petro Law
McKell N. Toy It Up Rentals
McKell N.  Dug out
McKell N.  Magleby's Fresh
McKell W.  Yogurt Bliss
McKell W.  Dean's Quality Transmissions
McKell W.  Squire & Comp
McKell W.  My Sister's Closet
McKell W.  Pizza Factory
McKell W.  Maple Mountain Martial Arts
McKell W.  HMHO Law Firm
McKell W.  cal ranch
McKell W.  South Valley Pediatric Dentristry
McKell W.  Monogram Station
Paizlee Neil Dansie DDS
Paizlee Creative Signs and Graphics
Paizlee Fords Meat Locker
Paizlee Mad Screening and Printing
Randi Rocky's Tires
Randi Simply Juicy
Randi South Valley Gym
Randi Dickerson Automotive
Sally Circle V Meat
Sally Wiggy Wash
Sally Hill Cattle
Sally Stars Dance Studio
Shandi Canyona Dental (Davis)
Shandi Express Med Family Care
Shandi Costa Vida
Shandi Funfinity
Shandi Indulge Salon
Shandi Metropolitan
Shandi Inwest Title
Shandi Cheap Shots Photography
Shandi Brads Barber Shop
Shandi Seagull Book
Shay Larson & Co. CPAs
Shay Italian Place
Shay Payson Physical and Sports Therapy ??
Shay Judds Towing
Shayla McGee's Stamp & Trophy
Shayla Design West Dental
Shayla Paper Banners
Shayla Starbucks
Shayla Salem Chevron
Shelby Daley Freez
Shelby Big Bratt Boutigue
Shelby Robarge
Shelby Car Quest Auto Parts
Shelby Castrol Oil
Shelby Cascade Collision Repair
Shelby Caselle
Smith Auto (Ford) Smith Auto
Sydney Wings & Things
Sydney Prudentail Real Estate
Sydney Anderson Chiropractic
Sydney Ideal Machine
Sydney Cole's House of Trophy
Tilee S&L Automotive
Tilee Papa Murphy's
Tilee Salon Beleza
Tilee Beuler Dentist