Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who's Reading

First cheerleader to leave a comment on this post does not have to run (at ALL) the following practice!! So who's reading? Everyone else, leave a comment as well so I know you are checking the updates. I know how much time you spend on facebook (or Twitter, or whatever else is out there)... so I don't think I'm asking too much.

Update - Camp Door Decorations

Somehow I missed two names on the camp list. Christie Cerenzie and Shelby Beckstrom ARE going to camp so please do not forget to make them a door name tag as well.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheer Videos - General

Here are the six cheers we learned today as well as the first 24 counts of the Mickey dance (the Mickey dance is at the very end). Practice, practice, practice! All cheerleaders, including those who have been on cheer before, need to watch the videos to make sure that every move is precise. I realize that some of the cheer moves may be slightly different from the way you have been doing them in the past, so watch carefully. I kept some of your changes to the cheers but also changed a few on which I'm not willing to compromise. When we learn cheers on Mondays you should be ready to pass them off by Friday of the same week. After you have read this post and practiced the cheers/dance, leave a message so I know who is actually following the blog.

**Disclaimer: Sorry about the dorky videos! I tried blurring out the face so I didn't look like such an idiot (or at least so know one could recognize me) but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Cheer Camp DRIVERS

We are in need of parent drivers for cheer camp. It will probably take four parent drivers to get everyone there and four to get back. We will need to leave at 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 7th. Pick-up will be at 12:30 pm on Friday, July 10th. Closing ceremonies will begin at 11:30 on Friday and are open to anyone who is interested in coming to watch. Please leave me a message if your parents would be willing to either take or pick-up. Thanks!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cheer Photos

We need to be deciding on a photographer for team photos. Check out the following websites and we will vote this week.

1. www.winkfotos.com
2. www.photographybyjocelin.com
3. http://ashleeraubachphotography.blogspot.com/
4. http://angelamariephoto.com

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp Door Decorations

Don't forget to get started working on door name tags for camp. Make a decoration/name tag for each of the 18 girls attending camp (you can decide whether or not to make yourself one). Here is a list of the girls attending camp.

Beckstrom, Shelby
Cerenzie, Christie
Hughes, Allie
Jorgensen, Jenessa
McKell, Kylee
Dansie, Kortnie
Elliott, Melynn
Evens, Shelby
Richards, Tysha
Rindlisbacher, Tausha
Ethington, Sadie
Beck, Samantha
Brumfield, Shelby
Gunter, Sydnee
Gunter, Tobee
Leifson, Linzi
Nielsen, Hattie
Shepherd, Cheyenne

Rodeo Fundraiser Sign-Ups

Wednesday, July 22nd

1. Kylee + parent/adult
2. Cheyenne + parent/adult
3. Shaylee + parent/adult
4. Melynn + parent/adult
5. Tausha + parent/adult
6. Whitney
7. Allie
8. Shelby Beckstrom
9. Sam

** On Call
11. Jenessa
12. Hattie
13. Shelby ??
14. Linzi
15. Sadie
16. Kortnie

Thursday, July 23rd

1. Allie + parent/adult
2. Jenessa + parent/adult
3. Hattie + parent/adult
4. Christie + parent/adult
5. Shelby Brumfield + parent/adult
6. Shelby Evans
7. Kortnie
8. Linzi
9. Sadie

**On Call
11. Shelby Beckstrom
12. Whitney
13. Tausha
14. Sydnee
15. Tobee
16. Tysha

Friday, July 24th

1. Tysha + parent/adult
2. Sadie + parent/adult
3. Linzi + parent/adult
4. Kortnie + parent/adult
5. Shelby Evans + parent/adult
6. Tobee
7. Sydnee
8. Shelby Brumfield
9. Hattie

**On Call
11. Cheyenne
12. Sam
13. Christie
14. Shaylee

Saturday, July 25th
1. Whitney + parent/adult
2. Sam + parent/adult
3. Sydnee + parent/adult
4. Tobee + parent/adult
5. Shelby Beckstrom + parent/adult
6. Tysha
7. Cheyenne
8. Jenessa
9. Tausha

**On Call
11. Kylee
12. Allie
13. Melynn
14. Shelby ??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Letterman's Jackets

For anyone who is interested in buying a used letterman's jacket you may contact the following people:

1. Halie Bingham, size medium, 801-787-9198
2. Mikel, size small, 801-602-5404

My bet would be that you can get one for less than $140.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Camp Cheer

*Basket Toss: ready 1-2 (toe touch is on 7-8)
*Girls who are not in the basket tosses start on count 5

Let’s go Dons (move to position)
Let’s go Dons

Are you ready –x-
Are you ready –x-
Get ready for the best –xx-
The Spanish Fork Dons –xx-
Were SFH –x- S

We’re number one without a doubt
Come on crowd x help us shout

D-O-N-S (move to stunting spot)
Let’s go Dons
D-O-N-S (prep on D up to extension on S)
Let’s go Dons (move stunt to diamond position)
D-O-N-S (drop extension to vador on D pop stunt on S)
Let’s go Dons (clean on Dons)

The time is now the day is here (move to final pyramid position)
Spanish Fork this is our year! (prep on Fork stunt is up on year)

Uniform Info.

Cheer Bag – Tricolor Deluxe Travel Bag (Black & Red)

If you haven’t ordered a cheer bag, but would still like one, it’s not too late! Order your bag from http://www.cheerleadingonline.com. It is called the Tricolor Deluxe Travel Bag and you can find it for $17.95 under the Bags tab on the home page. After the bag has been shipped to you, take it to RDJ Embroidery on Main Street in Spanish Fork to have the embroidery work done. They will have the template for the embroidery so all they will need is the correct spelling for your name. The cost for the embroidery is $18.00 and you will pay it directly to RDJ.

Cheer Shoes – NIKE Stamina Cheer Shoe (RED)

If at any time you are interested in a second pair of cheer shoes, you may order them online from any vendor you wish. Here are a few companies you might want to try:
1. http://www.teamcheer.com
2. http://cheerandpom.com
3. http://www.head2toecheer.com
4. http://www.footlocker.com

Bra Straps

Please remember that you will be sitting the bench if your bra straps are showing. You can find a bra with racerback straps or order clips that will hold the straps out of sight. Look for the clips at www.perfectstrap.com or www.strapperfect.com.
** The bra clips come in sets of 9 or 18 so you might want to find a few people to split the order with.

Hot Shorts - RED

If you are looking for hot shorts you might want to check these places:
1. Billiejo Clothing – University Ave in Provo
2. Lisa Andersson (she custom makes them) – 801-368-7325
3. Any of the above mentioned online cheer companies
4. Child’s – Main Street Spanish fork