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2011 Squads




Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rodeo Assignments 2011

Please read all the way through this post.

Please deliver Thursday, July 21st, immediately after practice.
2 Pop-up Tents (10’x10’ each?)
1. Cheyenne
2. Cheyenne

3 LARGE Crock Pots
1. Chelsea
2. Lexi
3. Tobee

2 Roaster Ovens
1. Irelyn
2. Jen

7 Buffet Tables
1. Cheyenne
2. Cheyenne
3. Haley
4. Haley
5. Haley (Haley, do you have a 3rd one you can bring?)
6. Paizlee
7. Paizlee

2 Card Tables
1. Alexa
2. Randy

7 Extension Cords
1. Angel
2. Madi
3. Josie
4. Ariel
5. Cheyenne
6. Jenae
7. Paige

5 Power Strips
1. Ashlyn
2. Emily
3. Mele
4. Jen

5 Money Boxes
1. Ariel
2. Alexa

3 Folding Chairs
1. Halley

5 Large Jelly Roll Pans
1. Shelby
2. Emily
3. Halley
4. Chelsea
5. Ariel

3 Ladles
1. Paizlee
2. Lexi
3. Angel

4 Tongs
1. Kendra
2. Ariel
3. Ashlyn
4. Hattie

3 Large Spatulas
1. Hattie
2. Randi
3. Tobee

Wash Cloth (old –won’t be returned)
1. Jenae (please bring a handful)
2. Halley (please bring a handful)
3. Ashlyn (please bring a handful)
4. Paige (please bring a handful)

Drying Towel (old-won’t be returned)
1. Emily (please bring a handful)
2. Kaylee (please bring a handful)
3. Paizlee (please bring a handful)
4. Hattie (please bring a handful)

5 Large/family Cooler
1. Mele (can you get 2 of them?)
2. Cheyenne
3. Paizlee
4. Chelsea

2 Generators for Parade
1. Paizlee
2. Haley

Talk with Rocky about donating water
1. Randi Beckstrom

Talk to Chevron about crates (6-8)
1. McKensey

Talk to Cal Ranch about borrowing troughs(one large, two small)
1. Tilee (we will arrange to have them picked up on Wednesday)

Thursday, July 21

Macey’s Bakery pick up: Randi
Macey’s Deli/Produce pick up: Halley
Macey’s Ice pick up (8 blocks, 12 BIG bags cubed): Halley

Circle V pick up: Cheyenne

Sam’s Club pick up:

Runner: Cheyenne

Friday, July 22

Macey’s Bakery pick up: Shelby
Macey’s Deli/Produce pick up: Lexi
Macey’s Ice pick up (8 blocks, 12 BIG bags cubed): Lexi

Circle V pick up: Tobee

Sam’s Club pick up:

Runner: Chelsea

Saturday, July 23

Macey’s Bakery pick up: Josie
Macey’s Deli/Produce pick up: Ashlyn
Macey’s Ice pick up (8 blocks, 12 BIG bags cubed): Ashlyn

Circle V pick up: McKensey

Sam’s Club pick up:

Runner: Kendra

Monday, July 25

Macey’s Bakery pick up: Tobee
Macey’s Deli/Produce pick up: Ariel
Macey’s Ice pick up (8 blocks, 12 BIG bags cubed): Ariel

Circle V pick up: Cheyenne

Sam’s Club pick up:

Runner: McKensey

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cheer Calendar

Each cheerleader needs to leave a message on this post with a list of all the businesses they will be visiting. Thanks!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Camp Car Pool


Laura Taylor - 5
Jackie Olsen - 7
Jill Holt - 4
Monica Beckstrom - 4
Raquel Shepherd - 5


Cammee Baum - 5
Valorie Seitz - 7
Sala Naulu- 4
Denise McKinnon - 3
Gunters - 6


Thank you for volunteering to help with the camp carpool.

Monday, June 20:

We will meet by the bus lane at the high school on Monday, June 20th at 8:30 am and leave for Logan around 8:45. We will first stop at the University for registration (see address below). I will take care of registering all the girls, so please do not allow them to get out of the vehicles until we're ready to unload. We'll unload all of our bags, and then go grab some lunch.

Thursday, July 1:

Camp will end on Thursday between 11:30 and 12 pm at Utah State University (see address below). “Spirit Spectacular” (the final performances for all the teams) begins sometime between 10 and 11:30 so if you are interested in watching you will want to come early. After the awards and closing ceremonies we will load all of the bags, grab some lunch, and head for home.

Thanks again,


Camp Location:

1400 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT

Uniform Washing Instructions

The FIRST WASH is the most important!

Each garment should be washed by itself (wash shell & skirt separately!) in a full tub of cold water (see garment label for water temperature) using the Permanent Press cycle.

Use a mild detergent, without fabric softener. Tide is recommended. Do not use bleach.

If the initial washing instructions are not followed, the colors may bleed onto one another. If this happens, wash the garment AGAIN (before drying), following the instructions above.

ALWAYS remove the garment promptly from the washer once the cycle is completed.

Leaving the garment in the washer for prolonged periods of time can cause the fabrics to bleed and/or leave unsightly wrinkles in the garment.

DO NOT machine dry the uniform.

Once the uniform has been washed, immediately hang it up to dry.
DO NOT dry clean the uniform.

Dry cleaning can yellow the uniform or leave an unsightly sheen. Dry cleaning also causes tackle twill lettering to fade, bubble, or stiffen.
Never use fabric softener or stain removers.

Fabric softeners block the soil release properties (Visa treatment) and can cause dirt and stains to resist removal. If a fabric softener is used, follow the original washing instructions.

Do not use a stain remover. Stain removers may lock the stain into the garment. Do not store wet poms in their plastic bags.

Let them air dry first. This will keep the unpleasant mildew smell from attacking your poms. If you spill a soft drink on your poms, wash them off with mild soap and water and let them air dry.

Instructions for Uniforms w/ METALLIC & SPECIALTY FABRICS!


Hand Wash Garment

Cold Water


Mild Detergent

No Bleach

Drip or Line Dry

Do Not Dry Clean or Iron


Metallic Polyester
Metallic MotionFLEX® and/or Unifit
Misty, Sequin Dot or Sparkle Spandex

Metallic, Misty, Sequin Dot or Sparkle Spandex braid

Metallic Tackle Twill
Coated & Specialty Fabric Lettering in Metallic MotionFLEX®
Coated & Specialty Fabric Lettering in Sequin Dot colors
Coated & Specialty Fabric Lettering in Misty colors
*** For verification, please refer to the garment care label located within each garment & follow for ALL subsequent washes***

2011 Fiesta Days Concessions Schedule

Fiesta Days Concessions Schedule: Each cheerleader will be working three of the four nights at the rodeo. Each cheerleader is also required to bring two adults on one of the nights. The schedule shows which nights the girls will be working as well as which night they will be bringing their parents/adults. If you trade a night with another cheerleader, Wendi needs to be made aware of the changes.

Parent Carpool Waiver

Your waiver must be turned into Wendi by Monday morning to participate in the parent carpool. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camp Checklist

If anyone can think of anything else that we need to bring, let me know and I will add it to our list. We are limited on space so you need to limit your luggage to one bag (cheer bag). If you need a small backpack to go along with your cheer bag then that would be fine.

o Camp Clothes (4 shirts, 2 shorts, additional hot shorts)
o Cheer uniform (red skirt and red & white top, red hot shorts, proper bra)
o Hair bows (both of them)
o Cheer shoes
o Socks (white, no-show), underwear, & pajamas
o Sweater or jacket – regular day clothes or dressy clothes are not necessary
o Sleeping bag or blankets & pillow
o Towel for showering
o Toiletries, including sunscreen and bug spray
o Masking tape for door signs
o Alarm clock (if you use your cell phone then you don’t need one)
o Water bottle!!!
o Camera
o Secret sister gift & questions
o Door name tags
o Treats/snacks
o Dress-ups??
o Small bag (The little backpack that came with your shoes would be handy to bring along. You'll want something small like that to tote your camera, water bottle, and other small personal items around)
o Money (You will need to pay for your lunch on Monday afternoon before the camp begins and Thursday afternoon when camp is over. There will also be souvenirs available for purchase if you are interested)

**Be sure your name is on all your belongings. Please leave valuables at home!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Photo Albums

If you are interested in buying a photo album from this year or last year, here are the links you'll need.

This year's book

Last year's link

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nationals Release and Waiver Form


Print the Waiver Form, get it signed, and bring it to be on Monday.


2011 Utah Spirit Championships

Great job girls - another first place! The video is a little blurry, but still worth watching. Part of the video gets cut off unless you click on it and view it in YouTube.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

UVU Cheer Tryouts

If anyone is interested in trying out for UVU Cheer, here is some information (I'll post information for other schools if I receive it)...

What: UVU Cheer Pre Try-out Clinic
When: March 5th, 2011 from 10am-2pm
Where: UVU Activities Center - PE Bldg.
Cost: $25

UVU Cheer Clinic This is a Pre-Try-out Clinic for those individuals interested in trying out for the UVU Cheer Squad, mascot or any high school athlete getting ready for a high school cheer squad. The material for the official try-out will not be taught this day. But you will gain a perspective on what will be required of you at the try-out. You will also be able to work with the current UVU Squad members.

To register go to

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Song/Pom Routine... 1st Place!!

Girls, you did such a great job! We are so proud of you! And the 1st place was the icing on the cake!

(Go to YouTube to watch it so that you get the full frame, otherwise the right side is cut off a little bit).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011