Wednesday, July 18, 2012


  • Macey's Pick Up: Lexi 
    • Pick up tray of sliced onions from the Deli,  five bags of shredded lettuce (not cabbage) from the produce section, four blocks of ice, and 8 of the LARGE bags of cubed ice.
  • Circle V Pick Up: Ashlyn R.
    • Pick up 20 boxes of hamburgers & four boxes of hotdogs
  • All songleaders need to be to the Fairgrounds by 4:30 to set up and start making cotton candy.
  • All other cheerleaders need to be to the fairgrounds by 5:30
  • All adult helpers please be to the Fairgrounds by 6:15
Booth Layout
Friday Job List

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rodeo Assignments

YOU are responsible for getting your items back. Make sure your name is on all items in large, dark lettering. Please deliver Thursday, July 19th, immediately after practice. Click HERE for the list of items.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fiesta Days Rodeo Schedule

Please let your parents know that we'll need them at the rodeo booth no later than 6 p.m. on the night they are scheduled to work. We'll also need them to stick around until 10:30 or so to assist with clean-up. We understand that everyone is really busy and tired, but if parents leave before it's cleaned up, the coaches end up taking care of everything. After four days or working the rodeo booth and weeks worth of planning, we're exhausted and need all the help we can get.

Please don't forget that Wednesday is clean-up day.  Everyone is expected to be there.

I can't wait to work in a NICE rodeo booth!

**the format is copy/pasting a little funky.  The bold/underlined names are songleaders that are scheduled every night.

Friday, July 20th Saturday, July 21 Monday, July 23rd Tuesday, July 24th
Allie Allie Allie Allie
Angel Angel   Angel
  Ashlyn Ashlyn Ashlyn
Ashlin H.   Ashlin H. Ashlin H.
  Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea
Haley   Haley Haley
Halley   Halley Halley ?
Irelyn Irelyn Irelyn Irelyn
Jen C. Jen C. Jen C.  
Jenae   Jenae Jenae
Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer  
Katelyn Katelyn Katelyn Katelyn
  Kaylie Kaylie Kaylie
Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
Kristen Kristen Kristen Kristen
Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi
Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie
Mckell Mckell   Mckell
Paizlee Paizlee Paizlee  
Randi Randi Randi Randi
Shanae Shanae Shanae Shanae
Shayla Shayla Shayla Shayla
Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby
Tilee Tilee Tilee  
Ashlin H. - Parents Mckell - Parents Halley - Parents Angel - Parents
Jen C. - Parents Tilee - Parents Irelyn - Parents Kennedy - Parents
Jenae - Parents Kristen - Parents Lexi - Parents Maddie - Parents
Paizlee - Parents Allie - Parents Randi - Parents Shanae - Parents
Jennifer - Parents Shayla - Parents Shelby - Parents Kaylie - Parents
Haley - Parents Ashlyn - Parents
Chelsea - Parents
  Katelyn - Parents