Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Uniform #2 Competition

Vote for:
1. Uniform main color (skirt and waist): RED, GRAY or WHITE


2. Lettering style: bow tie lettering or slightly curved

Uniform #1 Retro Red & Gray

Vote for:
1. Color: RED or GRAY
2. Lettering Type: DONS, SF or SP. FORK (Sizing on the lettering is not correct in the pictures.  The SF would be larger and the SP. FORK would be smaller. FYI: the baseball team has used SP. FORK on several of their uniforms )

Friday, April 19, 2013

Uniform #7 Blue, White and Black

The back of this uniform would be RED, the front WHITE and the stripes GRAY. This is the most expensive uniform.  If we chose this uniform we would have to choose the Green and Navy cheaper uniform.

Uniform #5 Rays of Sunshine

The main color on this uniform would be RED and the stripes would be GRAY and WHITE.

Uniform #4 Black & Yellow

We looked at this uniform last year, but ruled it out only because it looked similar to the red/silver zigzag uniform that we decided to get.  This uniform is a great option in any color.  Because there is more of the secondary color (yellow in the picture) it looks good as a red, gray, or white uniform.  This uniform is a nice option if we want our second uniform to be white or gray instead of red.  This uniform also has a nice body liner which makes it a good option for competition.

Uniform #3 Navy & Green

We looked at the Navy and Green uniform on Thursday night, but we never looked at it as a "White" uniform option.  I have since decided that I really like this uniform with the main color White, with a RED chest, and Gray striping.  The picture of the little girl in white, orange and blue is similar to this uniform.  I really like the cursive lettering on the orange/blue uniform.

Uniform #2 Sweetheart Neck

All three of these are the same uniform top they are just put with different skirts.  I personally like the maroon and white skirt the best.  If we chose this uniform the main color would be WHITE (skirt and waist), the chest color would be RED and the striping around the armpit and legs would be GRAY (not metallic silver).  This uniform is different than the others we are looking at because of the sweetheart neckline as well as the striping around the armpit.


Uniform #1 Blue and Orange Retro

We would change the blue to RED, the orange would be GRAY and the white would stay WHITE.  We would need to change the lettering because we have two letters (SF) instead of one big letter like the "S" in the picture.

Sweats #3 Avenger Sweats

The Avenger Warm ups are a light weight knit material.  They are not lined.  The pants are more fitted.

Sweats #2 Soccer Fit (tapered leg)

The Soccer Fit warm ups are a lighter weight knit material.  They are not lined.  The leg tapers (gets tighter towards the ankle).  These are the warm ups that the BYU cheerleaders have this year.

Sweats #1 Storm Fit

Storm Fit warm ups are slightly warmer.  They are lined and have a light weight hood that unzips from the collar.  They are more of a slick/wind breaker type material.  The pants are a straight fit.  You can go to and download the Fall 2013 Training catalog to get a better look at the warm ups.