Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015-16 SFHS Cheer Team

We'd like to thank everyone for your interest in Spanish Fork Cheer.  This year we had an exceptionally talented group and the decision was very difficult.  For those who didn't make it, we encourage you to continue working and hope you'll consider trying out again next year.

For those who did make the team:

·         Please email Kris Turner with your cell phone # so we can contact you regarding our first meeting and/or practice.
·         The first payment of $300 is due to the finance office by Monday, April 27th.
·         Our MANDATORY uniform fitting is Tuesday, April 28th at 4:00 pm in the dance room.  Please bring a pair of hot shorts to wear while trying on uniforms.
·          A MANDATORY safety clinic will be held Tuesday, May 5th from 4-7pm.  More information to follow.
·          If you have other obligations (competitive dance/cheer) that need to be finished through the end of the school year, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make accommodations. 

Congratulations to the new 2015-2016 Spanish Fork High School cheerleaders. In no particular order:

1.     Shay Anderson
2.     Kourtney Beus
3.     Maddison Cain
4.     Sally Hansen
5.     Jacee Holt
6.     McKell Nielsen
7.     Makayla Olson
8.     Alexa Slaymaker
9.     Kilie Taylor
10.  Maran Wilson
11.  Lauren Mockett
12.  Hannah Daniels
13.  Abbie Dart
14.  Cheyenne Davis
15.  McKenna Hall
16.  Erika Jensen
17.  Alexis Johnson
18.  Cheyanne Justice
19.  Ebanie Mattinson
20.  Kelsey Shepherd
21.  Sydney Tanner
22.  Adri Woodhouse
23.  Sheridan Creer
24.  Adisyn Duvall
25.  Lacey Gardner
26.  Alexis Giles
27.  Whitney Koyle
28.  Morgan Olson
29.  Callie Rigtrip
30.  Sage Swasey
31.  Delaney Vest
32.  Kaitlyn Young


This year we will be competing with 8-10 girls, but because of the amount of talent, we will be taking 12 songleaders for the year.  That means there will be two to four songleaders that are part of the performance-only team, but not the competition team.  The performance team consists of 2-4 performances throughout the year (football, basketball, and possibly a few more at additional events), but will include the costume and choreography fees associated with songleading. 

If you are one of the four being considered for the performance-only team, Bri will contact you personally within the next week.  You will have some time to discuss it with your parents and to decide if you are still interested in being on the performance-only team.  If you do not hear from Bri within the next week, you will be on the competition team. 

**as always, talent will be assessed throughout the year and adjustments to the competition team will made if necessary. 

The 2015-2016 songleading team will be as follows (in no particular order):

1.       Sally Hansen
2.       McKell Nielsen
3.       Makayla Olson
4.       McKenna Hall
5.       Alexa Slaymaker
6.       Abbie Dart
7.       Adisyn Duvall
8.       Sage Swasey
9.       Ebani Mattinson
10.   Kaitlyn Young
11.   Delaney Vest

12.   Sheridan Creer

Friday, February 20, 2015

Riverton Competition

Click here for a downloadable version of the Riverton Competition waiver, and click here for a downloadable competition check list.

Final Schedule for Riverton Competition.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Disneyland Tickets

Please double check the Disneyland tickets spreadsheet to make sure we are ordering your tickets correctly.  Thanks!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finance Corrections

Click here to see how your financial account was adjusted.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 Football Squads

Varsity Squad
Captain: ALLIE L.

Harley Smith
Courtney Child
Kristen Young
Allie Lemon
Madison Wilson
McKell Wood
Makayla Olson
Alexa Slaymaker
Sally Hansen
Kourtney Beus

Junior Varsity
Captain: MARAN W.

McKell Nielsen
Sydney Groo
Maddison Cain
Jacee Holt
Lesley Montoya
Maran Wilson
Shay Anderson
Kilie Taylor
Lauren Mockett
Dayana Oropeza
Kelsey Shepherd
Hannah Daniels
McKenna Hall

Sophomore Squad
Captain: LEXI J.

Katelyn Richman
Ebanie Mattinson
Alexis Johnson
Sydney Tanner
Abbie Dart
Cheyanne Justice
Adri Woodhouse
Cheyenne Davis
Erika Jensen
Arianna Ashton